The Secret Behind Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Success


Malcolm in his book outliers states that people who work on their craft for 4000 hours in their life are on the teacher level, people who work for 8000 hours are of professional level while people who work for 10000 hours on their craft are of World Class level. In this book, he also tells his readers that these successful people are successful not just because of their extraordinary hard work but also because of their extraordinary circumstances.

Are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs successful just because they worked hard?

Well, I don’t think so. Bill Gates was born on 25 October 1955, 7 months after Steve Jobs was born. Is there any relation? You are gonna see how their success is related.

We all know that Bill started his company (Microsoft) when he was in the second year of college and just after starting his company he became massively successful just in a timeframe of a year.

It all became possible because by the time Bill started college he had been an experienced coder(already had been coding for 10,000 hours).He had opportunities to write code on a computer which no person had. He was in the lakeside private school. Bill was in 7th grade when the Mother’s Club at school did a rummage sale like every year and there was always a question what the money would go to.The school decided to buy a computer which was extremely rare, even colleges that time didn’t had computers.If someone had to write code in that era then that person had to go to the nearby university, there would be 10’s of users waiting to write code on a single computer.The process was so slow that people had to return without even writing a single line of code.

Whereas Bill Gates said in an interview said that he used to code all day long when he was in his school.Moreover, he would often leave his house in the middle of the night to go the school and write code.And his mother would think, why is that Bill wakes up so late.

So even before starting Microsoft, Bill had been programming for more than 10000 hours. It proves the ten thousand hour rule.

If we talk about Steve Jobs, he was raised just next to a computer hub. If you have seen the movie JOBS then you would know that he had been visiting the place where computer programmers would gather to sell their software.Moreover, he had an opportunity to meet the Vice president of Hewlett-Packard (H.P) just as easily as you can meet your class teachers. That is like saying, you are interested in fashion and Giorgio Armani is your neighbor.

Successful people are successful not just because of their hard work but also because of their extraordinary circumstances.

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