How to improve productivity

Improve productivity with these simple steps
To be busier does not mean that you are more productive.The work you might take to complete in one hour, somebody might complete the same work in 20 minutes.So here I have mentioned a few things in your daily life which can help you boost your productivity.


1.Everybody says focus is the key to success

Its certainly true but only a few people understand this, so to be focused its essential to
• eliminate things that distract you
• do only one thing at a time
• do not do a lot of planning
• notice the time when your focus is on the peak, for most people, it is just after they wake up

 2.What do you do after you wake up

what you choose to do for the first 30 minutes of your day decides how your day will go.If you discipline yourself to take the best of action, then your days will turn out to be much more fulfilling than usual.

3.A problem well understood is a problem half solved

If you have well understood your problem then you have solved it to some extent and that is so true when you have to maximise your productivity.You have to think what is the problem that you are unable to be productive with your time.And then your next step should be to eliminate those things.Like, for example, I have a habit of seeing my cell phone after every few minutes.Even when I used to study I would often see my cell phone. After reading some self-help books I have learned to eliminate this habit.Now I switch off my cell phone whenever I have to study.

 4.Take a holiday

• Since you are reading this article I think that you are more focused on working hard and this is what makes it harder to take a leave. There must be at least one leave in every 15 days. And it must be prepared well.Some people take more leaves than that but still don’t feel like working that’s usually because the leave they took was not a proper leave.In my view, a proper leave is when you decide to
• wake up early in the morning
• go to an exciting place
• have enough of the money to do what you would like to do
• be with someone who is important to you.

5.Choose friends wisely.

You become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.You start to follow their behavior and habits unconsciously without your ever knowing what you are doing.For example, if you are skinny and you hang out with mostly fat people then the foods that you will eat will depend directly on them.Not only that, research shows that the overall steps that you walk in a day will also decrease.You’ll start walking slower.So choose friends wisely.If you wanna become a millionaire.Then choose millionaire friends.If you want to have abs, hang out with people who have abs.If you want to get good at dating then spend your time with people who are good at it.

Follow these guidelines and you will find yourself improve productivity.


  1. i like the way you explain everything to us in a normal way,,,
    keep up this hard work

  2. Great Information. A very useful article.. Keep up the good work.

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