How to get out of depression

What is Depression?

It is a real illness that impacts the brain. Anyone who is suffering from depression knows that is is not an imaginary thing. It happens due to chemical changes in the brain.
Symptoms of Depression
One suffering from Depression Feels sadness, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interests.

The one suffering from depression also faces trouble making decisions, trouble concentrating.
So how to get out of depression?

Though depression is medical illness, but it is proved by research that depression can be cured, not by medicine but, by changing the thought pattern of the sufferer
So here are a few tips on how you can get out of depression:

1.What if I tell you to think positive, its not possible? right.

Thoughts are the cause of happiness and excitement in your life, while thoughts are also responsible for the depression you are facing.

Thoughts can be manipulated if you truly decide to do so. So here’s a tip
Whenever a negative thought comes in your mind just change it with a  positive thought. Just do this for a day. I am sure you will choose to do the same for the upcoming days. Even if you have nothing left in your life really, you can still enjoy your life if you choose to do so.
2.Respect the people around you and make as many friends as possible

Research shows that having more friends decreases the chances of feeling depressed. The key idea is to meet as many people as possible, you can do this by:

having a pet (so that people come talking to you and meet you more often)

try to keep up with social activities even when it does not feels so good.

find ways to support others(nobody minds a support in their hard times and you will be seen as a more valuable person)
3.Remember you are not alone

In whatever situation you are currently in your life, somebody might have already suffered with worse than what you are suffering (READ Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl ). So make a hard decision and stop suffering because you have a choice. JUST REALISE THAT YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE, EITHER YOU CAN BE HAPPY OR SAD, It’s COMPLETELY UP TO YOUUU.
4.The 2-minute exercise

Close your eyes and imagine about anything you have been excited to do ever in your life and imagine yourself doing it.

Example: Imagine being with your life partner on a beach. Do I need to tell you what to imagine further 🙂

Example 2: Imagine yourself driving that car you have always wanted to drive.

Just imagination alone can lead you to the abundance of happiness.

They say happiness is within you, you just need the right mindset to find it.
5.Learn to meditate

Meditation can give you instant results. Those who don’t know what meditation is (this is what it is)

Sit comfortably in a quiet room.

Close your eyes.

Focus on your Breadth.

Don’t think about anything avoid talking inside.

Just listen and just listen.

Again research has shown the positive affects of meditation on brain and on other body parts. Develop a habit of meditating every day for 10 minutes, try

I am sure you are going to enjoy it.
6.If possible meet your old friends who can listen to you and can guide you through.

No blogger can understand your current circumstances completely as much as a friend can. Get a meeting with old friends (be the one to initiate the meeting.)

7.Move a lot

Make it a priority to have a day in the week when you are not going to stay at home and you are going to do an exciting thing (Ex: I used to go to watch a movie every Sunday when I did not have any friends).

and for the other days (the weekdays) you can join a gym or you can go to a park where can exercise. Exercising can help you with depression massively.(just try it).
8.Get a daily dose of sunlight.

Getting sunlight is very important for you to feel an energetic mood, it helps release chemicals in the brain which help against depression.
9. How to get out of Depression by eating right food

There are 3 things to remember

1.Eat foods with Vitamin B-complex and vitamin B-12

2.And do not skip meals. The key idea here is to feel energetic all the time.

lower the intake of sugary foods and refined carbs such as french fries.

Here is a list of what you can eat:










Dark Greeny Leafy vegetables such as broccoli

Some of the books which can help you get out of depression

1. Man’s search for meaning by Victor Frankl

2. Think and grow rich by napoleon hill

3. Awaken the giant within by anthony robbins.

Some movies to watch:

1. Pursuit of happiness

2. Secrets by Rhonda Byrne(documentary)

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