This is why you should be a Goal Digger

Society has programmed us all that being a goal digger is not as satisfactory as it seems but is it true really?
In today’s world of competition it is essential to be a goal digger, else people find themselves lacking behind in life( relationships, work, school or job, peer). So being a  is essential to some extent. To analyze that you are a goal digger or not, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you ever feel that you are not going towards your goal?
Do you ever feel that you do not have enough of willpower to achieve your goals?
Your goals sometimes seem much more than you deserve?
You made some goals and now you are backing off?
Do you often find yourself distracted from the goal?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are not a goal digger. And you really need to be one in order to climb the ladder of success.
Remember just one thing: Nothing is more important for you than your goal. Clear your mind and just decide.

Once you have decided take action. If you are unable to take an action right now then follow these steps( this is taken from the book “Awaken The Giant Within “ from world renown Anthony Robbins): Write down the following on a piece of paper

1.The actions you are wanting to take but you are unable to take.
2.Analyze and write down the reason why you think you were unable to take action.
3.What pleasure are you getting in not taking the actions?
4.How is it going to affect you if you never take this action?
5.How will it benefit if you take the action?

Another exercise you can do is to change your beliefs about your goals:
write down the following on a piece of paper.
1.Your Empowering beliefs about your goal.
2.Your Disempowering beliefs about your goal.
3.Now you have to make your empowering beliefs much stronger and your disempowering beliefs much weaker.
4.Write the 5 reasons why you think the empowering belief is true.
5.Write 5 reasons why you think the disempowering belief is totally false.

Personally, I believe being a goal digger is the best thing an individual can do, this is so because I have found it very beneficial in all aspects of life, being a goal digger means having a status, having a status means having better relationships, having more money,
moreover, goal diggers have a purpose of life which fulfills them from inside out.

Most of the successful people I know have been goal diggers, and not only that, they advise others to be like them to have the similar results. Examples: Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs if you listen to their interviews of them then you might have heard that focus on the goal is very much essential in order to achieve great heights. Once you are focused on your goal then everything else will fall into correct place at the correct time. So focus on your goals and Happy Goal Digging. 😀

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